About Us

MillionPlus.com launched in 2010 offering property of over £1 million in the UK to international buyers. Today, MillionPlus offers clients a marketplace to buy and sell assets above £1 million ranging from international real estate to prestige cars.

MillionPlus offers finance and insurance through both in-house resources and through its trusted partners, as well as a range of other services designed to help in all aspects of buying or selling your assets. For example, we can provide services ranging from mortgage, marine and aviation finance to currency transfer. We will even be able to help with various relocation services to the UK, should you desire!

Our client base is truly global, with visitors to the website and a list of clients from past and present from all over the world. We are headquartered in London and have representation in Guernsey, Monaco, Singapore and the United States.

The Open Marketplace

The MillionPlus open marketplace promotes some of the most gorgeous products across several categories. MillionPlus has partners across the globe and works with both private and professional sellers.

We connect buyers and sellers through introductions and will speak to every buyer who registers interest in a product.

We believe firmly that through understanding a buyer’s needs, we can offer a superior service to both the buyer themselves and the sellers we introduce them to. We offer you a service rather than a directory.

MillionPlus Confidential

Many transactions in the UHNW world are confidential and off-market. MillionPlus can offer complete discretion to sellers wishing to offer assets for sale in such a setting.

The MillionPlus Confidential service for buyers is by invitation only. Examples of products for sale include historic cars, significant real estate opportunities, exclusive hotel opportunities, art and more.

To sell confidentially, get in touch here – info@millionplus.com


MillionPlus.com is part of a global business with largemortgageloans.com, an award winning specialist in high level mortgage lending.

Since its inception, lagemortgageloans.com has facilitated and served the borrowing requirements of high net worth individuals, in particular those looking to borrow £500,000 plus.

The team of finance advisors have established great personal relationships with private banks and specialist financial institutions, who are prepared to offer a bespoke service to the right clients, whether for lending or investment purposes.

Through this relationship and others, MillionPlus can arrange finance lending on purchases, insurance, currency transfer and more.

Cutting Edge Marketing

Prime real estate and other expensive assets have traditionally been marketed using basic images and descriptions to entice buyers.

MillionPlus.com can promote your assets in an immersive, cutting edge environment. We work with partners to offer MillionPlus Virtual Estates: VR walkthroughs, high definition video and beautiful images housed in individual microsites for each property.

We can also offer this service for both yachts and jets and will happily discuss with potential sellers or agents.

To learn more, contact us.

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