Are you looking for a Million Plus expat mortgage or buy to let mortgage?

The MillionPlus Private Finance team regularly hear two questions; ‘How can I get a million pound UK mortgage if I work abroad?’ and ‘What are the best large expat mortgages?’ Together with our parent company – – we offer specialist advice as an expat mortgage broker to non UK residents looking to secure the best possible rates on million plus international mortgages.

Our combined teams have years of experience in securing million plus mortgages for expats living abroad and for expats who are returning to the UK.

There are almost five million Brits living outside the UK and large mortgages for non UK citizens can appear complex. Demand for expat mortgages reportedly rose by a staggering 90% during 2016-17.

Many expats are buying property in the UK from overseas or perhaps they’re renewing a buy to let expat mortgage on a property they owned historically.

Whether an expat is buying property in the UK or remortgaging an existing property, we can assist with large international mortgage plans.

Our team works with all of the high street and niche lenders to create a solution tailored to each situation, and ensure the best expat large mortgage rates.

Some of our million plus mortgage partners include household names such as HSBC, Santander, Skipton and Barclays as well as more specialist lenders, meaning that we can tailor solutions to the majority of situations – however complex.


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An example of our work

Our clients were looking to secure a £1 million interest-only loan. They live and work overseas and own two buy-to-let London properties.

With ambitions to develop one of the properties, they were seeking a £400,000 mortgage in addition to the £600,000 mortgage required to redeem their two current mortgages, which had reverted to a higher standard variable rate.

The development our clients had in mind was a brand new property which would be built in the garden of one of their existing properties.

Therefore, two properties would be on the same title.

The combination of the development, loan size and LTV figure deterred many lenders, leading to our client to seek specialist help from MillionPlus Private Finance as a subsidiary of


We scoured our network of large mortgage specialist lenders and found a provider who would consider the situation and, together, decided that the best solution was to split the property title.

Therefore the new property would be assessed separately to the existing title.

A simple survey approved the development works and allowed the property to be mortgaged against its relevant value. A 60% LTV on the buy to let properties covered both the mortgages and the development works.

Deal Highlights

Loan amount:
Loan purpose:
Lender’s arrangement fee:
Early repayment charges:

20 years
Interest only
Remortgage and development
1.0% of loan, payable before completion
0.5% during the first 2 years


This case study is for information and illustration purposes only. It is not an offer, or suggestion of an offer.

Each mortgage case is assessed on an individual basis and there is no guarantee that the solution described here can be repeated in the future.

Please note that this specific deal may not be available to – or suitable for – all customers, dependent on their individual circumstances.

This document may not contain all the information needed for customers to make a decision and they should seek advice. Ask for a personalised illustration.

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