2008 VIP AW109E Power


2008 VIP AW109E Power - ID: 543402

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  • Total Hours: 2812
  • Year of Manufacture: 2008
  • Configuration: VIP
  • Cabin Seats: Six with a six to five seat conversion kit
  • Excellent maintenance records with recently completed annual inspection


Collins Single Pilot IFR Avionics Suite

▪ Standby ADI
▪ Honeywell Gyrocompass C14A
▪ Flightline System vertical gyro (No.1) 46060-11
▪ Jet Electronics vertical gyro (No.2) VG208
▪ Honeywell AFCS three axis duplex SP711
▪ Collins Transponder (Mode S) ADF-60
▪ Collins TDR-94
▪ Collins VOR/ILS (qty 2) with marker beacon VIR32
▪ Trig VHF radio (qty 2) TY91 – 8.33 kHz compliant
▪ Collins DME-42
• Pilot ICS including:
− Pilot/co-pilot control panel
− Mode controller
− Audio cabin control
▪ AC power supply system (two inverters)
▪ Moving map KMD550
▪ Honeywell flight director and autotrim FZ702
▪ Honeywell radio altimeter AA300
▪ Artex ELT C406-2HM
▪ Trimble GPS interfaced with EHSI and BRNAV function 2101/O
▪ EFIS pilot/co-pilot on command switch
▪ Air speed indicator

Additional Equipment

▪ Skywatch Traffic Advisory System TAS 497
▪ 2.3m baggage compartment extension
▪ Garret air conditioning ECU
▪ Strobe lights on horizontal stabilizer
▪ Emergency floats provision
• Electrically operated passenger step (RH)
▪ 450W retractable search light 360 degrees
▪ Active noise reduction headsets
▪ 221 USgal crash-resistant fuel system (5 cells)

VIP Interior – Six seats

▪ Three fwd facing seats
▪ Three aft facing seats (central bench) with see through modification and foldable armrest with glass holder
▪ Six to five seat conversion kit with rear cabinet bar
▪ All seats crash-resistant covered with black leather
▪ Single central drawer
▪ Silent soundproofing
▪ Floor carpeting


Finished in customised paint scheme – black with silver trim

Alan Collinge
+44 207-519 4950
St. Martins Channel Islands