A109S GRAND - ID: 123549

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MP Helicopters 2007 A109S GRAND feat
  • MP Helicopters 2007 A109S GRAND feat
  • MP Helicopters 2007 a109s grand gallery01

Price on Application


1,513 Hrs TT / 4,260 Landings
Engines Enrolled on P&W SP GOLD

Corporate/VIP Interior including:

Leatherette covered liners
3 seat aft facing central bench
3 seat forward facing aft bench
All seats crash resistant VIP type
Silent sound proofing
Gold and Beige lap strap safety belts
6 Bose ANR Headsets
Baggage compartment extension (1.9 m)


Single Pilot IFR – CAT A Certified
Traffic Advisory System BF Goodrich SKY497 TCAS #1 VHF COM/NAV/GPS Garmin GNS530 #2 VHF COM/NAV/GPS Garmin GNS430 Single Marker Beacon Honeywell KMR675 Single ADF Honeywell KR87 Single Mode S Transponder Honeywell KT73 Single DME Honeywell KDM706A Single Radio Altimeter Honeywell AA300 Moving Map Display Honeywell KMD550 Weather Radar Honeywell RDR2000 AVAD Voice Generator


Single Pilot IFR Avionic Package with L.C. Integrated Display System (IDS) Pilot instruments including: Barometric encoding altimeter Airspeed Indicator IVSI Magnetic compass indicator
Clock LCD EADI & EHSI Standby ADI Gyro Compass C14 Vertical Gyro #1 (Flightline) Vertical Gyro #2 (JET Electronics) Co-pilot Instruments including: Barometric altimeter Airspeed indicator
VSI LCD EADI and EHSI Pitot static system (electrically heated)

Engines: Pratt & Whitney 207C Engines

Engine 1 Total Time:1,513
Engine 1 Cycles: 2,192/3,387/1,500

Engine 2 Total Time:1,469
Engine 2 Cycles: 2,882/4,291/1,822


Aluminum alloy mainframe 152 US Gall Crash resistant fuel system Fuel Drain electrical valves Quick disconnecting chip detectors First Aid Kit Fuel Cap with lock Retractable tricycle landing gear Emergency floatation system – Apical Role equipment Cabin Fire Extinguisher ELT system External boarding steps L.H. & R.H.(retractable)


1.40 Mtr wide cabin sliding doors Garret ECU Air conditioning system Cabin double layer acrylic windows Punka Louvre vents Advisory/Reading lights

Hinged doors with opening actuators Pilot and Co-pilot crash resistant seats with shoulder harness and inertia reels Portable fire extinguisher Dual Controls Headset hooks Bose ANR Headsets x 2 Console tray and multipurpose holder Leather bellows on flight controls

Power Plant:

Two Pratt & Whitney 207C Turbo shaft engines with FADEC control
Engine compartment Fire extinguisher system

Transmission System:

Main gearbox – 960 shp TOP Tail rotor drive shafts x 3 90 degree gearbox Rotor brake system

Rotors & Flight Controls:

Fully articulated 4 bladed M/R Hub Four metal/composite main rotor blades Semi-rigid 2 bladed T/R Hub Composite Main and Tail Rotor Blades Vibration Absorber

Electrical Installation

Power generation system: Two starter/generators Ni-Cad battery (27AH) External power connector 28 Volt Electrical System with two Starter/Generators, AC System 115 v and 26 v output – (2 Inverters)


One utility light in cockpit 450 W Steerable search light, Nose 2 x fixed landing lights – sponsons External strobe lights. Horiz Stab LED Nav lights LED Upper and Lower Anti-Coll lights


NAT Pilot/Co-pilot Control Panel
NAT Mode Controller
NAT Audio Cabin Controller

Back-up/Safety Systems

Artex ELT C406-2HM,
Apical Emerg Floats c/w integral Liferafts
Cabin Door – Emerg Pop Out Windows

Honeywell AFCS 3 AXIS DUPLEX SP711

Flight Director and Autotrim FZ 702
EFIS Pilot/Co-pilot on Command switch

Weather Related Systems:

RDR 200 Weather Radar
P1+P2 Windshield Wiper System with wiper
Switch on cyclic grip

Additional Information:

AMETEK IDS System Helicopter Ground System Software for IDS Downloading
Engines on PW ESP Gold Plan

Million Plus

12 Pepper St,

Docklands, London,

E14 9RP, UK