F1 Retro Electric Supercar


F1 Retro Electric Supercar - ID: 537648

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  • rollover protection system
  • Aluminium space Frame and carbon fibre body with Kevlar weaving
  • 5 Point racing seat belt
  • Disc brake with vacuum pump
  • handbrake
  • Liquid Cooling Batteries based on Sdamsung elements. Capacity 50,000W/h
  • 19″ wire-spoke wheels
  • Engine sound simulaton device
  • LED Headlights
  • Colour to clients specification



Miracle the One is the car that will be a real race car on the track of the Nurburgring and a bright diamond at the Monte Carlo casino. A large cruising range on one charge will give you different view of an electric car. You can both travel far in  Miracle the One and use it daily driving to work or shopping on warm days, while enjoying every trip to the full extent, like no other car.

Miracle the One is the car which built on super modern technologies, but in such a way that the driver does not notice it. To save the weight of 850 kg without reducing the battery (50 kWh), carbon fiber body with Kevlar weaving technology is used. This  gives incredible strength to the body and with minimal weight. Also in the vehicle there is no differential, its function is performed by two super light (10 kW / kg) and powerful electric motors on the rear wheels.

First ever retro-electro supercar, 350 bhp/t, 50 kWh batteries.


An aluminium space frame and carbon fibre body with Kevlar weaving  creates a rigid foundation for the driver’s  safety. In case of rollover, an active rollover protection system is activated. It deploys a roll cage, thereby protecting space around driver’s and passenger’s head in case of rollover.

Despite the fact that  Miracle The One is  an electric car, it sounds incredible . A sport car should sound good, so that you could fully enjoy driving with a powerful engine sound. Humanity is not yet ready to drive without internal combustion engine noise .
Our designers and sound engineers created a unique device simulating high-quality sound of an internal combustion engine. You won’t be able to remain unnoticed and unheard driving Miracle the One. Engine sound can be changed by changing its tone from a flat twin engine to a V12 engine or the Millenium Falcon’s engine from the Star Wars.  And yes, you can turn it off at any time and enjoy the silence.

From the Designer


Since childhood, I have been fond of cars, racing and F1 pilots. Among them, a separate place is occupied by the F1 pilots of the first Grand Prix times. These are the Super heroes, who raced at speeds above 200 km / h in cars with poor brakes, without a safety cage along the routes, the edges of which ended with stones and cliffs. They cause a special respect. Just like their race cars. Machines were given not only the powerful engines, but also the soul. Every motorist feels something special about F1 cars of the 50s-60s. Many people dream of owning them. But due to its exclusivity their price exceeds tens of millions of dollars. The high price obliges these cars to attend rare exhibitions and they are mainly stored in the garages of private collections, not to speak of their daily use.

Until today!

Being inspired by the historic victorious cars such as Mercedes W196 and Maserati F250, we created  Miracle The One. By using modern technologies in body production and having equipped it with the most advanced electric motor, we have retained mandatory attributes for such cars, in particular, wire-spoked and open wheels, long and low body.

Only heroes will drive Miracles. And there will be reasons:

  • Miracle The One  has  the same weight and power-to-weight correspondence as the race cars of the 1950s, but only much more torque effect. Its 350 bhp/t.
  • No electronic nannys for the driver: no abs, no autopilot, no traction controls, no power steering.
  • The central position of the driver will allow you to fully enjoy each ride, large batteries (50 kWh) will allow you to make trips far (up to 600 km).
  • Electric drivetrain with a total power of 300 hp makes the car loyal to the polar bears, practical and reliable.

Market position:

The Miracle the One is between BAC Mono (from $ 125,000) and the Jaguar e-type electric (from 300,000$).

The Mercedes-Benz W196 was a Formula 1 racing car produced by Mercedes Benz for the 1954 and 1955 F1 seasons. Successor to the W194, in the hands of Juan Manuel Fangio and Stirling Moss it won 9 of 12 races entered and captured the only two world championships in which it competed.

Seating – 2 Adults
Dimensions – Length -4220 mm/ Width 1980mm/height 950mm
Battery – 50 KwH
Engine – Dual Electric Motor system 220kW (300 BHP: 500 Nm)
Weight – 850 kg
Range on one charge – 500 km
Drive – Rear Wheel drive
Suspension – Push-rod suspension


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Body Type

Two Seater Carbon Fiber with Kevlar weaving


350 bhp/t, 50kWh batteries
0-60 mph in 5 seconds

Top Speed


Alan Collinge
+44 207-519 4950
St. Martins Channel Islands

Is it an electric car?

Yes, it’s electric. It has two electric motors on rear wheels with total power of 300hp and torque of 500Nm, liquid-cooling lithium batteries with capacity of 50 kWh

Does it sound like an electric car?

No. It will be the first production an electric car with internal combustion engine sound. Our designers and sound engineers created a unique device simulating high-quality sound of an internal combustion engine. The engine sound can be changed by modifying its tone from a flat twin engine to the V12 engine or the Millennium Falcon’s engine from the Star Wars movies. And yes, you can turn it off at any time and enjoy the silence.

Is it road legal?

Yes, it has lights, indicators, licence plate, seat belt, everything you need to drive on common roads.