Intense Orangy-Pink Diamond Ring


Intense Orangy-Pink Diamond Ring - ID: 117161

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– A rare 4.05 carats Orangy-Pink diamond
– The diamond has a wonderful coloration
and VS1 clarity
– Pink diamonds are among the rarest
– Heart-shaped jewel set within
green garnets and pink diamonds


The Kashmir sapphire is ranked as one of the world's most desirable jewels alongside the rarest of colored diamonds and Burma rubies. This incomparable treasure is joined by two half-moon diamonds weighing 1.75 total carats in a platinum setting.

Sapphires hailing from the Kashmir region are undeniably the pinnacle of this popular variety of corundum. Unearthed in the early 1880s after a landslide in the northwestern region of the Indian subcontinent, Kashmir sapphires are revered not only for their general scarcity, but also the softness of their velvety blue hue.

And, unlike other colored gemstones, the stone's incomparable color overwhelms in any kind of light. This stone in particular, with its rare emerald cut, is exceptionally brilliant. These coveted gems rarely appear on the market, especially those weighing over 10 carats.


Diamonds, 18k Yellow Gold




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