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• Seven months processing time
• Access to Schengen Area
• Physical Presence – One visit required
• Minimum Criteria – Investments required include Real Estate and Bonds/Securities;
• Pre-requisites – Main applicant must be at least 18 years of age;Annual income of EUR 100,000 or Capital of EUR 500,000;Clean personal background with no criminal record; In good health with full EU medical insurance;


Benefits of the Malta Residence Visa Programme

The Malta Residence Visa Programme (MRVP) grants the right to reside in Malta indefinitely, together with the ability to travel freely within the 26 member-states of the Schengen area.

The Maltese Government has created a business-friendly environment that is thriving and contributing to making the economy one of Europe’s fastest growing. Malta is a forward-looking destination, with an open business-centric commercial community that stands tall as an EU member state, and a proven record of economic success.

Whilst the Malta Residence Visa Programme does not qualify its applicants for any preferential tax schemes, the transparent, fully onshore, yet remarkably competitive tax system is undoubtedly an important factor in attracting investors to Malta. A system which is backed up by over 60 Double Taxation agreements yet allows for rates as low as 5%, indeed adds a great deal of value to any Malta-based operation. This is strengthened by the presence of a highly professional financial services sector and a strong regulator which ensures the provision of high-quality advice in matters pertaining to international tax systems.

Private and public service providers are aware of the requirements of an incoming operation. The process of setting up on the island is a straightforward and transparent one in which the investor is always kept updated as to what is required. Prospective investors often make use of service providers from the private sector capable of seeing to all their legal and logistical requirements from company registration, access to banking facilities to recruitment of staff. With a pleasant, temperate climate, excellent investment opportunities and framework, high quality healthcare and education, and as one of the safest countries worldwide, makes Malta an interesting and strategically located business-hub in the region.

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