24k Gold Designer Self-Playing Piano – Save the Bees


24k Gold Designer Self-Playing Piano – Save the Bees - ID: 730379

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Tesoro Nero’s luxury designer pianos are unparalleled in the modern world of music. Nowhere else could anyone possibly imagine such a unique and captivating instrument, offering more to the world than any other piano could.


How can this stunning 24K gold designer piano help to save our planet? By saving our planet's bees.
For every third bite of food you eat, you have a bee to thank for it. Honeybees – wild and domestic – carry out approximately 80% of all pollination worldwide. Extraordinarily, a single bee colony can pollinate 300 million flowers every day.
Bees play a crucial role in our ecosystem and food production; without them, our planet would struggle to maintain balance and crops would fail. But, the future of bees is threatened by intensive farming, pesticides, and climate change. We recognise the threats posed to bees, and this is why we will donate a considerable sum of each sale of this beautiful gold piano to a leading bee conservation charity.
In this design, we have used the exquisite honeycomb effect to create a wonderfully organic feel to the instrument. Covered in 24K gold leaf, the hexagonal texture mimics the lustrous shine and structure of honey, a by-product of the bees' pollinating efforts. This has increased the piano's resonance, giving it a beautifully rich and captivating sound.
Sit back, relax, and let this enchanting instrument play to you whatever music you choose. Or, play yourself, and appreciate the rich and vibrant tones of one of the most powerful pianos in the world.

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