24k Gold Hyper Designer Piano


24k Gold Hyper Designer Piano - ID: 730372

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Tesoro Nero’s luxury designer pianos are unparalleled in the modern world of music. Nowhere else could anyone possibly imagine such a unique and captivating instrument, offering more to the world than any other piano could.


You will find no other piano like it in the world. This is a very powerful piano indeed, fully equipped with the most modern self playing capabilities. You can connect this piano to the internet and it will play music for you all day long. Or you can sit down and enjoy one of the most powerful pianos in the world.
Inspired by Lamborghini hyper cars, this piano is the hyper piano of the piano world. Stylistically the most aggressive piano in the world that produces a powerhouse of sound to match.
The presence of this piano is outstanding, and it will transform any room into the centre piece of the house. Every inch of this piano has been designed with sound in mind which is why this piano can produce such volume and accomplish such harmonic magnificence. Stand out from the crowd and own this incredible self-playing 24k gold designer concert grand piano that is coated completely in 24k gold.

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