Extremely rare autographed piano signed by Michael Jackson, Elton John and 38 more artists


Extremely rare autographed piano signed by Michael Jackson, Elton John and 38 more artists - ID: 811405

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This is the only one in the world, and there will never be another like it, so please do get in touch at your earliest convenience.


This is an Extremely Rare Autographed baby grand piano – Signed by Michael Jackson, Elton John + 38 more artists! Virgin Hall of Fame.
There is no other piano on earth like it. So many signatures on one piano is unheard of, making it one of the rarest instruments in the world, and a wonderful investment.
The biggest autograph is from the late superstar: Michael Jackson. Other autographs include Elton John; Scott Weiland; Keith Urban; Brian McKnight; Geri Haliwell; Chris Tucker; Missy Elliott; Master B.; Steve Vai, Brandon Flowers, DJ Skribble; Otis Williams (Temptations); Jamey Jasta; Ronnie Dunn; Mike Tyson; Wayne Brady; Sinbad; Carrot Top; Frankie J.; Monica; Clay Aiken; Monica and many others.

The instrument itself is one of a kind, a state-of-the-art self-playing piano built to the very highest quality.
You are able to listen to the artists who have signed it in full glory on a beautiful acoustic instrument.
A fantastic conversation starter, this incredible self-playing piano will be the life and soul of any party.
No need to hire a pianist; this piano will play whatever you want, whenever you want.

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