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Tesoro Nero’s luxury designer pianos are unparalleled in the modern world of music. Nowhere else could anyone possibly imagine such a unique and captivating instrument, offering more to the world than any other piano could.


No one has ever dared take the conventional workings of this instrument, and turn them into something new, unprecedented, and wonderful. How else do things evolve, if we do not reach out and grasp at new and exciting opportunities that present themselves to us? The piano has remained stagnant throughout the centuries; we have all become accustomed to the traditional ways in which a piano is perceived. There has been little vision for this beautiful instrument. But Tesoro Nero wants to change that. We have recognised the extraordinary capabilities this instrument holds, while also recognising how its potential has been limited, concealing an image that has lain dormant and motionless for many lifetimes. Like a bear venturing out from hibernation, our extraordinary pianos will be revealed to the world, a new species uncovered, a remarkable specimen unlike any that has been discovered before.

Not only do our pianos fascinate with their incredibly surreal designs, but they completely revolutionise the way we listen to our music. The self-playing mechanism allows anyone of all musical abilities to enjoy their music the way only a selected few have been able to do throughout the centuries. Pianos are only ever targeted towards those exclusive individuals who can play this remarkable instrument, leaving the majority feeling disregarded because they are unable to play. Tesoro Nero knows that this is not fair. Music should be shared amongst everyone who appreciates it, regardless of talent. That is why we have given our beautiful pianos the ability to perform like a world-class pianist in your very own home, to play for you any song, at any time, any day.

From where did the inspiration for our pianos arise? Perhaps, looking at such a complex structure, a professional designer would seem fitting. But this was not the case. Such an incredible piece of art came to light from rather a humble source: a child. Tesoro Nero’s founder, Craig Manchester, was sketching rough designs for the piano at home one evening with his four young children. The piano was barely anything more than a vision in his mind, something that did not exist then, but, with perseverance, would surely exist in the future. It was Craig’s son who sowed the seeds of inspiration that evening. One long sweeping curve of his pencil and Craig saw something wonderful. He worked tirelessly from this modest scribble until, eventually, the piano came to vivid life.

But a pencil drawing is not enough. How is such an intricate and beautiful instrument brought into being? The answer is an incredible amount of time, energy, and resources, and working alongside a passionate and dedicated team of people. From Craig’s rough pencil sketch, our designer, Aljoša Milojevi, created a masterpiece. Perfection takes time, and it required several attempts to get it absolutely right. Once the design was mastered, the piano needed to be assembled. Beginning life as an ordinary, acoustic grand piano, installed with speakers and a self-playing mechanism, our instruments have an exciting transformation ahead of them. From Aljoša’s life-like 3D designs, a frame is constructed around the body of the piano, giving it the enchanting appearance that is easily recognised but not replicated. Once completed, the piano is given a quality spray finish for that strikingly sleek lustre. Like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis, the grand piano is transformed into something new and captivating, ready to share its beauty with the world.

So, how does the self-playing mechanism work? How is the piano able to access all your favourite music, to play both accurately and with the passion of a professional pianist? An iQ HD player PianoDisc system is installed onto the piano. The system has 88 magnetic triggers to play all of the 88 keys, and another magnetic trigger to operate the right-hand pedal. The components of the system are attached to parts of the piano which do not affect the value of the piano or way it sounds, and therefore, can still be used as an acoustic piano – perfect for those who want to play the piano themselves as well. PianoDisc, using patented SilentDrive technology, allows you to listen to your music at adjustable volumes and always with full, dynamic expression. Using the simple flash-drive set up, with the complimentary iPad, there are numerous ways to download your favourite music to be played on your self-playing luxury piano, capturing the authentic style and expression of each individual with astounding precision.

Not only can you appreciate your favourite music at home as though the artist was right there in the room with you, you can also play this incredible instrument yourself. Whatever your musical ability, the advanced recording feature can play your performance back to you, capturing your own unique style and distinction. Such wonderful innovations breathe life into this remarkable instrument, turning the piano into a living, breathing entity, rendering it more than just a mere piece of furniture gathering dust in the corner of the room. Its flawless sound ensures a seamless blend of notes from each piece, creating a rich and resonant melody that lingers in the air with every performance. These pianos are a work of art. We have created something special, exciting and memorable. Nothing can rival them for their bewitching elegance and charm, their dreamlike music, and their inimitable beauty.

Tesoro Nero’s pianos have shaped the future of how we play and listen to our music. Pianos are no longer an exclusivity, catered to only those who can perform. Tesoro Nero knows that music should be accessible to all. There should be no limitations, no barriers between people, music, and art. Music is expressive and ought to be enjoyed by everyone, not just a select few. How else can such a beautiful instrument be so widely cherished? By embracing the fact that you don’t have to be a world-renowned pianist to appreciate the instrument’s amazing music, Tesoro Nero does what so many other piano companies fail to do, and connects with so many different people. With our unique edge, Tesoro Nero surpasses many other companies who favour the exclusive few whilst overlooking the majority. Our luxury designer pianos stand out from the crowd, defy expectations, and deliver exceptional musical experiences to the world.

How can a wonderfully powerful concert grand piano help save the world's 40 big cat species and their ecosystems?

Wild cats are perhaps some of the most captivatingly beautiful animals in the world. Their very existence is under threat. Big cats are intertwined with human culture and psychology. They help to maintain healthy, balanced eco-systems. Here at Tesoro Nero, we have taken it upon ourselves to donate 10% profit of this incredible piano to big cat conservation organisation in order to help these incredible animals.

Please see this video:

This is why we have created this striking panther piano that makes a truly bold statement. A stunning geometric structure, the beautiful grand piano melts into the back of the prowling black panther beneath it, creating one single magnificent beast.

The self-playing mechanism enables you to listen to whatever you want, whenever you want, performed with the same passion and accuracy of a professional pianist. The grand piano possesses beautiful, rich music, creates seamless blends between notes, and gives a flawless performance every time. This is such a sensational instrument, sharp, fierce, and intense in design. Such a spectacular piece of art has never been created before. Tesoro Nero pianos know no bounds – they can only be seen and heard to be believed, and this extraordinary panther piano will simply take your breath away.

Price includes our piano maestro, Craig Manchester, performing your choice of music at your party or event.

Or alternatively, at an extra cost, we can arrange an artist of your choice to perform for you at your desired event with the purchased piano. Just a few examples of these artists are Muse, Bruno Mars, Alicia Keys, Jamie Cullum, and Rosey Chan. Various artists and genres are available, so please do get in touch to discuss these options further.

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