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Self-Playing Designer Piano - ID: 547539

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Tesoro Nero’s luxury designer pianos are unparalleled in the modern world of music. Nowhere else could anyone possibly imagine such a unique and captivating instrument, offering more to the world than any other piano could.


Perhaps you are looking for something a little less ordinary. These self-playing pianos, with their extremely intricate and unique designs, go beyond that of a traditional piano. If you walked into a room with such an instrument standing in the corner, you'd be convinced that you had somehow found your way into a science fiction novel. These fascinating pianos are painstakingly designed to every last curve for a really incredible, sleek finish. Performs just like an ordinary self-playing piano, but looks amazingly surreal, to make sure you really stand out from the crowd. Be sure to reserve yours today.

Owning your very own self playing piano is perfect for taking your ability to the next level. Use the in-built PianoDisc system to play pre-recorded YouTube music from earlier teaching sessions. The pianola function adds another dimension as you shadow the self-moving keys and learn to master your instrument.

Crafted from the utmost quality materials including German Roslau Strings and a Dehonit Pinblock, we provide high precision piano playing. This is not just a high calibre mechanical piano. It is a fine instrument, which can be played in the traditional way with a wonderful depth of sound.




Not only will your piano arrive with an iPad to operate the PianoDisc system, a deluxe piano stool and 5 year warranty are also included as standard. What’s more, your Tesoro Nero is fitted with a quality soft close lid and nickel plated tuning pins. A premium wooden soundboard and keyboard also play their part in creating the pinnacle of piano sound.

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