Self Playing Panther Piano


Self Playing Panther Piano - ID: 547527

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Price includes our piano maestro, jazz pianist Craig Manchester, who will come and perform a concert for you on your piano.
Only five will ever be available so reserve yours today.


How can a wonderfully powerful concert grand piano help save the world's 40 big cat species and their ecosystems?

Wild cats are perhaps some of the most captivating and beautiful animals in the world, but their very existence is under threat. Big cats are intertwined with human culture and psychology. They help to maintain healthy, balanced eco-systems.

We will donate a generous sum to Panthera.Org the big cat conservation organisation.

This is why we have created this striking panther piano that makes a truly bold statement. A stunning geometric structure, the beautiful grand piano melts into the back of the prowling black panther beneath it, creating one single magnificent beast.

The self-playing mechanism enables you to listen to whatever you want, whenever you want, performed with the same passion and accuracy of a professional pianist. The grand piano possesses beautiful, rich music, creates seamless blends between notes, and gives a flawless performance every time. This is such a sensational instrument, sharp, fierce, and intense in design. Such a spectacular piece of art has never been created before. Tesoro Nero pianos know no bounds – they can only be seen and heard to be believed, and this extraordinary panther piano will simply take your breath away.
Full price includes our piano maestro, Craig Manchester, performing your choice of music at your party or event subject to negotiation. Your designer piano will be inaugurated, if available, with a private performance by a world-renowned piano virtuoso LOLA ASTANOVA.

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