Penthouse for sale in Ibiza Talamanca sea view


Penthouse for sale in Ibiza Talamanca sea view - ID: 610314

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Penthouse for sale in Ibiza Talamanca sea view

Luxurious penthouse located 100 meters from the beach with spectacular views of the sea and the Ibiza Cathedral.
Building with few neighbors built in 2008 in a privileged area.


Penthouse for sale in Ibiza Talamanca sea view

Luxurious penthouse located 100 meters from the beach with spectacular views of the sea and the Ibiza Cathedral.
Building with few neighbors built in 2008 in a privileged area.
This property has been decorated with the highest level of quality and good taste, all the rooms are exterior and give access to the terrace to enjoy the sea views.

The house has 129.69 m2, distributed in a hall, a fully equipped separate kitchen, a large living room with a Bose audio system, a master suite with its own bathroom and a dressing room, another room with a double bed with a built-in wardrobe, a bathroom with a dish. shower, panoramic terrace with views of the sea and the Ibiza Cathedral of 83 m2, garage with swingarm of 34.48 m2.

Basic characteristics:
129 m² built
2 rooms
2 bathrooms
Parking space included in the price
South orientation
Energy certification: B

Real Estate Type





Address: Ibiza Talamanca
City: Ibiza
Area: all
State/County: Ibiza
Zip: 07800
Country: Spain

Million Plus

12 Pepper St,

Docklands, London,

E14 9RP, UK