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Private outdoor pool, porch, rest area with Balinese bed, solarium and parking area for 3 cars.



The villa was built in 2007 on a plot of 636 m2 and consists of a constructed area of 250 m2 distributed over three floors plus the pool:
-Ground floor 100 m2
-First floor 81 m2
-Third floor 35 m2
-Sport 34 m2

The villa consists of 4 double bedrooms and 3 bathrooms:
-On the ground floor, large hall with built-in wardrobe, living room with access to the terrace, kitchen with attached laundry room, a bathroom and a room converted into a soundproof music studio.
-On the first floor 3 double rooms of which two are consalidas to the terrace overlooking the sea and a large bathroom.
-In the third and last silver is the suite room with jacuzzi, shower, terrace and unbeatable views of the sea and Formentera.

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Ibiza Sa Carroca, San Jose

Million Plus

12 Pepper St,

Docklands, London,

E14 9RP, UK


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