1 bedroom duplex for sale


1 bedroom duplex for sale - ID: 749062

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1 bedroom property


Even with the windows open, this masterfully designed flat is so quiet that you wouldn't believe it was right in the centre of town. But gaze out of the bedroom window at night and you can see the lights of Harrods glowing across the rooftops.

It's an exceptionally well-positioned apartment, equidistant from Knightsbridge and South Kensington tubes, five minutes from the shops and just two minutes from the oasis of calm that is Hyde Park. But this isn't one of those London flats that you feel the need to escape from. The interior is so rich in its craftsmanship that there's always something for the eye to look at. Everything is bespoke, from the intricate wooden panelling of the entrance hallway to the striking double bookmatched marble of the bathroom – it's a design lover's dream.

Such extensive customisation has afforded it a wonderful sense of openness. The doors slide away cleanly into the walls, engineering clever sightlines between the rooms that enhance the sense of space. Large east-facing windows in the bedroom, and west-facing ones in the reception, bathe the property in copious amounts of light throughout the day.

Forward-thinking yet housed within a grand, neoclassical structure, the property has been styled to reflect its essence: au courant with flashes of tradition. Take the elegant mid-century furniture, the statement door frames and the carefully curated objets – all set off by artful lighting schemes – that conspire to give the apartment such a defined sense of identity.

Need a dose of nature? Why not make use of the leafy, private garden square across the road. Or you could just gaze down at it from those huge living room windows.

Ennismore Gardens, Knightsbridge, London SW7


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