The most spectacular house in the United States ?

Recently listed in Los Angeles for $250m, Bruce Makowsky’s 924 Bel Air Road property is America’s most expensive home for sale.

In creating this incredible property, Makowsky stated, “I wanted to have every spectacular thing in that house, in one place. This house is the eighth wonder of the world”.

924 Bel air House

The Bel Air property boasts panoramic views, 12 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms, five bars, infinity pool and huge outdoor screen, indoor James Bond-themed cinema, bowling alley, 130 pieces of art and fleet of luxury cars and motorbikes. Also included, on the rooftop helipad, is the helicopter from the 1980s television show Airwolf.

Clearly this home is aimed at a certain type of buyer. Makowsky says he is confident of finding one though. “I’m not worried at all because there’s so much super-wealth in this world. It’s getting crazy. There are probably 100 new billionaires every single year.” He says his inspiration for the home came about as billionaire buyers were spending hundreds of millions on yachts and planes, but never this amount on their homes.

924 Bel Air Road is available for purchase and details can be found here. Should you be interested in this or any significant property and require financing, contact us.

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