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This is the story of specimen TE-036, or “Roosevelt” as he is known.

Specimen TE-036, nicknamed “Roosevelt” is a premium quality composited example of the “Tyrant Lizard King,” Tyrannosaurus rex. It is named for President Franklin D. Roosevelt, after two partial T. rex specimens were discovered south of Fort Peck Lake, a monumental hydroelectric dam project constructed by the Army Corp of Engineers under FDR’s New Deal in 1940.

“Roosevelt” takes his place alongside composite T. rex specimens including those exhibited at the American Museum of Natural History and the Natural History Museum in London, UK. “Roosevelt” is truly a beautiful and exciting display specimen, fully prepared and mounted for exhibition.

Quick Facts

Specimen TE-036
Tyrannosaurus rex

– Mounted composite specimen
– Hell Creek Formation, Garfield
Co, MT (JWE, TE-CPR01)
– Lance Creek Formation, Weston
Co, WY (BS1301)
– Late Cretaceous (Maastrichtian)
– Collected 2008 – 2014

Specimen Data

– Overall skeleton:
45% complete (135/300)

– Skull count:
44.44% complete (24/54)

– Postcranial skeleton:
45% complete (111/246)


– Mounted specimen measures:
38ft (l) x12ft (h) x 10ft (w)

– Skull measures:
54in (l)

– Base Foot Print measures:
32 (l) x 8ft (w)

The skull of “Roosevelt” comes from a third partial specimen discovered in the Lance Creek Formation of Weston County, Wyoming. The site (BS1301), which was completed in 2013, produced the skull and a va- riety of postcranial elements including cervical ribs and vertebra and portions of the hind legs. The three partial skeletons came together in 2015 as “Roosevelt,” and are posed on a custom steel armature, in a classic Tyrannosaurid pose.

Should you be interested in purchasing Roosevelt, the purchase also includes:

-Applicable quarry maps
-Inventory lists of all collected material
-Field and laboratory photos
-Field and laboratory notes
-GPS location data
-Legal documentation including signed lease agreement

All documentation and materials will be transferred at the time of purchase.
Documentation, materials, photographs, legal documents, GPS data are all available for inspection upon request.

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